Marlo Koch is an artist writing texts and a writer making art. She recieved her MFA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2018


My work proposes ways of experiencing the body through text. Within my publications, installations, drawings, and videos, I spill into the spaces between fact and fiction, utopia and failure, and desire and refusal. I animate the inanimate, I contract and release the mind/body divide, and I capture moments of gender in polarity and within a utopic nonexistence. My language skips rope in time with a cricket’s chirp, switches careers often, and has one unshaven leg.

Having moved away from a performance-centered practice that relied on the physical presence and image of my body, my work now probes the representation of bodies solely through written language and mark-making. I test the strength of written description and posit how words and lines on a page, rather than bodies in space, can build visceral, jarring, and intimate affects.

My texts challenge the reader to trust switching narrators, locations, and histories. Using  annotations, footnotes, and references to fictional sources in order to queer language, I comb, combine, and critique both poetic language and academic forms. Revision, indecision, and switching drive my utilitarian and sensorial marks and fluctuating handwriting. This combination of forms and voices amount to an intimate and slow recognition of the fallacy of the mind and body’s rigidness.

I ask for a radical reading of language, of the body, and of the poetic. I ask for a reintroduction between play and language and for a consideration of the validity of a switching between.